Sunday, May 24, 2015

DJ Tutorial - Beatmatching - deutsch -1-

DJ Lesson. Mixing with Vinyl

DJ Beat Matching tutorial on a vinyl Turntable

Dj tutorial, mix lesson 1 for the beginner!!!!!

DJ Tutorial - 4 Essential Transitions - Spin-Academy

How To DJ - Beat Matching (Vinyl DJing EP04)

DJ'ing for Beginners - Basic Beat-Mixing, using Vinyl Records on Turntables

Juicy M showing how to mix without headphones on vinyl, DVS and CDJs

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Using Effects with DJ Equipment

Hazards of DJ Equipment

Hazards of DJ Equipment -- powered by ehow

EQ Blending on Turntables

EQ Blending on Turntables -- powered by ehow

Blending With Copies

Blending With Copies -- powered by ehow

Blending Techniques on Turntables

Dropping on the One Count

Dropping on the One Count -- powered by ehow

Tips for Better Hip-Hop Beat Matching